Bunting Magnetics to unveil its PlateMaster at Cannex

Bunting Magnetics has announced that it will be launching its new PlateMaster quick-mount magnetic plate cylinder and shaft assembly at Cannex & Fillex 2018.

Designed for Rutherford-type decorators, the PlateMaster has been developed to make label changes faster and easier. According to Bunting Magnetics, the expanding mandrel design does not allow the typical thermal expansion of the cylinder to swell or seize-up on the shaft like other cylinders do.

The lightweight cylinders with fresh plates are intended to easily glide onto the expanding mandrel in the exact registration as the one previously removed. Fine registration is done with two simple adjustments and the assembly has a runout tolerance less than 0.0007” (18 microns).

Bunting Magnetics Co. has been manufacturing magnetic cylinders for 2-piece can decorators since 1975. Its latest decorator cylinder innovations will be showcased at Booth 216.

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