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Metal packaging hygiene product MySip, is seeking a business partner to help place its product onto the market.

With food and beverage hygiene becoming an increasingly important issue, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, packaging company MySip has devised a new device to counteract the issue of metal can contamination.

MySip is presenting a drinking product that is tailor-made to meet the requirements of the increasingly high demand for hygiene standards and creating a safe way to drink. The goal of MySip is to introduce the solution to the metal packaging market and improve the safety of cans and their users. In turn, the product offers an innovative and desirable experience for consumers.

MySip is a simple tool which protects can users from not only contamination from bacteria and dust on the outside of the can, but also from any sharp edges.

After opening the can, the user simply places MySip in the drinking hole, removing the coverage foil and therefore being able to consume safely. The device is an ideal portable device, ensuring safety no matter where you are in the world.

“Most can users would like more comfort and hygiene while drinking from cans which might have been exposed to different kinds of dirt,” explains founder of MySip, Marcin Lolik. “Soft and mouth friendly material gives you the maximum comfort and a totally personal experience of beverage drinking.”

MySip has a simple to use design concept. The MySip is made from a food-safe silicon that simply attaches to the can. As a result, MySip protects the mouth, lips and tongue from any possible injury and as a consequence your lips, mouth and the beverage can will never have contact with the outside surface of the can.

“There are a number of benefits to MySip,” explains Lolik. “The device can be branded to tailor to a specific brand, including being custom coloured and shaped. It separates your mouth and tongue from the surface of the can and covers The sharp edges of the can after its opening. Our product ensures safety in a number of emerging markets, but also presents a number of commercial opportunities.

“We are actively seeking a business partner to help us launch our innovative product into a number of marketplaces. Beverage can consumption is growing at a rate of between one to two per cent until 2021, so safe can consumption in emerging markets will become increasingly important.

We believe this solution will appeal to the increasing number of environmentally-conscious consumers and present a number of commercial opportunities to those within the metal packaging industry.”

MySip has entered into the 2018 Drink Japan awards, which is the third international beverage and liquid food development and manufacturing exhibition for the Japanese market. The event is set to take place from 27-29 June 2018, in Tokyo.

For further information, contact Marcin Lolik at [email protected]

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