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Countless hours are spent attempting to generate the right design to deliver motivating and informational images to the consumer. With so many demographics to consider, the challenges are daunting. Whether the resulting designs are to be marketed regionally or globally, they still must be consistent with the corporation’s “brand image”. Decorating on metal packaging requires consistency unlike any other. Just walk through the grocery aisles and see how many of the same products are displayed side by side with little to no discernible difference in colour and finish. This does not happen by chance.
The dedication to quality improvement programme, inspection procedures and scientific tracking of those results enable the artistic side of metal decorating to generate images worthy of admiration. During this year’s conference we hope to enhance those abilities to achieve award-winning results.

Conference programme

The conference programme is focused on reaching out to the attendees and imparting information which will contribute to keeping the improvement path shining brightly.
As is customary, we will present technical talks on processes and procedures, showcase new systems and services which are in tandem with operational methods, and inspire you with motivational talks which will energise your cognitive abilities to structure your own motivational presence at your workplace. We are fortunate to have speakers from some of the best known brands in the world.
We will learn the why, when, who, and where of marketing products at the highest levels of brand recognition. Speakers on how those marketing efforts convert to financial results will give us their perspectives on historical data and future trends. Both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s agendas will incorporate general information on the industry and targeted technical information. The agenda will continue to offer our increasingly popular technical tutorials on materials and processes and our breakout sessions are still geared specifically toward either flat sheet or two-piece metal decorating.

Round tables

As a bonus, a round table of digital printing experts will inform you of the latest developments in the ever growing digital decorating field. While we realize that our technical and general information presentations are keys to justifying attendance at our conference, we know that the afforded networking opportunities are also important to achieving a fully satisfying conference. Once you review our agenda, you will realize that we structure the conference to meet all those requirements. We sincerely hope that you join us in May and help to continue to strengthen the IMDA’s conference brand.

Speakers include

Alejandro Santamaria of Coca-Cola talking on “consumer vs. package: reality vs. perception” Santamaria’s introduction to metal packaging started in 1995 when he was recruited by Alcoa in his native Venezuela to act as their sales and technical representative servicing can making customers for that country. In a short period, his coverage was expanded to include all customers across South America. In 2006, he joined the global packaging research and development team for The Coca-Cola Company taking the technical development lead for their global aluminum bottle programme along with packaging innovation projects for the Club Channel. Most recently, he transferred to Coca-Cola North America’s package research and development team having accountability for all metal and glass packaging development programme along with some special PET initiatives.
George Staphos, managing director, Merrill Lynch will give “a historic financial review and update.” Staphos is Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s senior paper/forest and packaging equity research analyst for North America and is also co-sector head of the US industrials and materials research team and a member of the department’s “US 1” stock list committee.
Vice admiral John G. Morgan, Jr. (US Navy Ret.) is giving a motivational speah on “leadership, combat and business.” With an economics degree from the University of Virginia, Morgan entered the US Navy in 1972 and for the next 36 years was steeped in the practical side of planning, executing, and leading success. On 11 September 2001, he was commanding 10,000 men and women of the USS Enterprise carrier battle group, just then exiting the Strait of Hormuz. Upon getting word of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center he immediately turned the group on his own authority to be first in the theatre of operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban. For his leadership in combat, he was awarded the Bronze Star.
Mike Bartley, of Miltec UV, will talk on “Solutions to curing high opacity black UV ink to manufacture higher performance aerosol and general line containers.” Bartley is currently the Mid-West USA sales manager for Miltec UV, a leading manufacturer of high performance electrodeless and arc lamp UV curing systems. He has more than 36 years of experience as a product development chemist focused on UV coatings for flexible and rigid packaging as well as metal decorating and can coatings.
Daryl Travis, chief executive and founder, Brandtrust, is talking about “emotional branding.” As an advisor to many of the largest and best brands in the world including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Harley-Davidson, GE, Kraft, General Mills, Nestlé and Intel, among others, Travis helps many companies and brands grow. And he has worked with many Danaher companies. His groundbreaking book, Emotional Branding: How successful brands gain the irrational edge, explores the new realities of growing brands.

Awards luncheon

Wednesday, 22 May, 2013 • 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
The luncheon will continue the recognition program this year as in the past. However, to free up the evening on Wednesday, we are conducting the ceremony during the luncheon. It will recognise the scholarship recipients, the 2013 member of the year, the decorators of the year and the Excellence in Quality award recipients.

Memorial scholarship golf outing

The outing, on 21 May, continues to support a most worthy cause. The proceeds from the outing are used to fund the IMDA Scholarship Fund. These funds are awarded to our members’ children and grandchildren who will continue their pursuit of learning at college level. Golfers will enjoy the camaraderie and sportsmanship of fellow metal decorators as they play on the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort golf course. Upon completion of the play, we will host our ever-popular banquet that evening. This event has been a fun-filled and enjoyable evening for many attendees over the years. During the banquet we will recognise the achievements of the day’s golfers and recognition is given on many fronts. The banquet is also open to those who choose not to play golf and want to share in the festivities and fellowship of the other industry members. ❑

Remember, a metal decorated container has a quality image that sells product on the store shelves. If you have a problem or process that you would like to discuss please feel free to contact me anytime via email at [email protected]
200+ years and the can is still king! Let’s work together to keep it that way.

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