After the lord mayor’s show

I hope those of you who attended last week’s Asia CanTech had an enjoyable and productive time out in Malaysia. On behalf of the organisers at Bell Publishing, let me just say a huge thank you to all those who attended. Bookings have now opened for Asia CanTech 2017, so please speak to Megan Freeman if you would like to book your place.

There will be a comprehensive review taking place in the December/January 2017 issue of CanTech International, which will include details of all the award winners and conference talks. The conference presentations will shortly be available to view online too so keep an eye on

 Of course the highlight was once again the Awards and Gala Dinner. Here are the winners at a glance:

  • Aerosol award: Ball Aerocan India’s Engage deodorant can
  • Decorative: Crown’s Monster Energy Hangzhou sleek can 355ml
  • Beverage two-piece: Crown’s Pepsi Bevcan Nong Khae Thailand sleek 375ml
  • Food three-piece: Sinar Djaja can ‘La Bold’
  • General line: Tinpak Green Tea Gun Powder
  • Innovation: STI Can ‘Mojito’
  • Two-piece food: Swan-Salam
  • Supreme Award: Crown’s Monster Energy

On a personal note, I particularly enjoyed compèring the Candid Forum feature and as usual, it provided some lively debate. We will be uploading this to the website shortly for those of you who weren’t able to attend.

Just to remind you, Asia CanTech will be returning to Bangkok from 30 October – 1 November 2017. In case you missed the news, Euro CanTech will be visiting Milan in 2018 with a date to be confirmed.

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