Day two at ADF

Last week I reported on the first day of the ADF Forum show. Here is my round-up of day two: On day two of the show, communications manager Ellen Wauters provided an overview on the European Metal Packaging Industry in Europe (Empac). Wauters explained the latest on Empac’s work on marketing metal as a permanent material and ‘The Forever Story’.

Crown’s Daniel Abramowicz explained the company’s latest developments on innovation. This included its aluminium bottom for three-piece containers in association with US shaving cream company Barbasol. There was also more information on innovations including SmartTan and PowerUp.

A new addition to the show was the Metal Cans and Bottle Packaging Forum, which took place at the end of a busy two days. From a purely selfish point of view for those within the metal packaging industry, it was a shame that this was scheduled in for the end of the conference where attendees were rather thin on the ground.  There was also a degree of duplication with some of the presentations; Hinterkopf’s was pretty much word for word on what had been covered the day before.  However, there was some positive content from Tubex and sustainability with aerosol cans. In 2015 they began doing aerosol cans differently – a can with no internal or external coating. This led to the development of TruSpray, a more compressed can.

The show ended with a presentation from Sun Chemical on colour management concepts. Digital colour communication from Sun Chemical is said to deliver colour consistency and an ink formula at an optimised cost to any location you choose. There was also content on its Smart Sensor Technology, an interactive point-of-use authentication and identification for dispenser refills and cartridges.

The 11th edition of ADF will be held on the 30 and 31 January 2018, Porte de Versailles, Hall six Paris. With part of the exhibition hall being knocked down and rebuilt, it’ll be interesting to see how the venue works for 2018.

Elsewhere, I have just put the finishing touches to the February issue. You can look forward to exclusive interviews with pack2pack, ORG Packaging and craft brewers Time and Tide in the UK.

I hope you have an enjoyable week.

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