Circular thinking

The Circular Economy has dominated the discussions at the 14th International Recycling Congress so far on day one. I know it is hardly groundbreaking news emanating from the most expert minds within the European aluminium sector, but it’s important to draw upon comments made this afternoon at the congress.

The director general of European aluminium, Gerd Gotz, stated that there was a need for the Circular Economy to be transitioned onto a global level. “We follow high standards in Europe when recycling aluminium scrap,” he said. “However, when exported to other parts of the world, these standards aren’t maintained.”

I’m lucky enough to have some time with Mr Gotz tomorrow morning, where I’m hoping to learn about how this ‘loop’ can be closed globally. With aluminium growth in South east Asia and India in particular, it really is too simplistic to see recycling as a a Circular issue just confined to Europe. I’m hoping Mr Gotz is able to explain how he envisages the Circular Economy principle working on a global level.

Elsewhere, Roland Scharf-Bergmann, chair of European Aluminium’s Recycling division and head of Hydro’s recycling business, focused on the issue of recovering scrap. He concluded that the industry needs to be ambitious in its objectives and lead on the Circular Economy. However, he stopped short of recommending how the industry can be more ambitious in its approach…

You’ll be able to read about my other findings at the show when I return next week.

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