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With preparations in full swing for our upcoming Asia CanTech show this October, we can now make another announcement regarding the show.

With reference to our popular Candid Forum Q&A event, it’s a pleasure to announce that Stolle’s Robert Gary and SLAC’s Chris Mckenzie have agreed to take part. I’m sure both of them need no introduction, but with around 50 years’ worth of experience of the can making industry between them, we’ll be able to gain a fascinating insight into the current state of play within the industry. With these two straight talking types involved in the event, I’m sure it’ll be a lively hour to look forward to!

The other panellists will be announced in due course, as well as more names added to our keynote speaker agenda.

I’ve been interested to read in other publications about the war of words existing between certain magazines and Metpack over the past couple of months. It appears there is a competition going on as to who can register the most number of visitors to their show, regardless of who they are and what they do. All of this is a little unsavoury and to the detriment of the industry.

You’ll be glad to hear that at CanTech International and Bell Publishing, we’re all about putting on a show for the industry, free of politics and one-upmanship. As after all, the real enemy are the alternative forms of packaging out there, and not each other.

Asia CanTech 2017 is all about putting the industry first, and we’ll leave the political posturing to others.

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