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For those of you who are not aware, our sales manager Mark Neilson is currently unwell and off sick. I’d like to wish Mark a speedy recovery and we hope to see him back very soon.

For any on-going enquiries, please contact Victoria Brockwell. I’m sure many of you will remember Vicky from her time at Bell Publishing, and she will be back to look after the magazine in Mark’s absence.

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that Bell Publishing is set to launch a new trade event, which will take place in the Middle East next Spring. Titled CanTech – The Grand Tour, Bell Publishing will be bringing its successful conference and trade show format to other parts of the globe, aside from our usual destinations of Europe and Asia.

That’s not to say we’re moving away from these territories, far from it; it’s merely an expansion of the format we already have. You can find out more about it in our April issue, where I interview publisher, Neil McRitchie.

And finally, we’re delighted to announce the fourth panellist for our Candid Forum feature at Euro CanTech. Tata Steel’s Simone Vooijs will be making her second appearance on the panel. We look forward to welcoming Simone to the event.

And just as I go to press, there have been some interesting developments with Sun Chemical acquiring PPG’s metal deco ink business. I’m sure this will have some interesting consequences for the industry, and we’ll endeavour to bring you more on this story in due course.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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