The worm is turning

There was some good news emanating from the UK recently, as the latest Nielsen research by the Can Makers stated that canned drinks are seeing significant growth in the UK market.

The rise of this is said to be due to carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), craft beer and flavoured cider. The rise in cider is an interesting one, with a 6% hike in flavoured cider in cans last year. Is cider the next drinks boom, in the same mould as craft beer and gin and tonic? Either way, the heatwave we have seen in Western Europe during the past few weeks is most certainly a positive too.

Other good news is that fact that canned craft beer is growing quicker than its bottled contemporary at +66% and -3% respectively. According to Nielsen it’s down to accessibility and I’d have to agree. If visiting supermarkets and off-licences now it’s cans taking pride of place and not bottles.

Interestingly though in the second quarter of this year The Can Manufacturers Institute has reported that cans for alcoholic drinks in North America have fallen by more than 5%. The likely attribution to this is health-conscious consumers seeking non-alcoholic alternatives. As they say, the US tends to be five years in front of the UK, so it’ll be interesting to see if this trend is mirrored.

Pleasingly though, it has been reported in the UK that canned food sales are up by an extra 2.7% across the category. It appears the stigma attached to the consumption of canned foods is changing.

Our July/August issue goes to print next week, so be sure to keep yourself informed of the latest issues influencing our industry.

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