Last orders please

We have just over a week until the team flies out to Thailand for our 2018 edition of Asia CanTech. With a packed show schedule, we hope you look forward to it being our best show yet.

For those looking to supply questions to our Candid Forum panellists, our final deadline is this Friday. We have had some great questions supplied already, so we’re looking forward to some lively debate between Dan Abramowicz, Sarah Jacks and JC Harrison. Once again, we’ll be opening up the discussion to delegates, so please don’t be shy and get involved. The Forum will be taking place on 30 October.

Our November issue is taking shape nicely, where we can look forward to the following features:

  • Beading, necking and flanging
  • Aerosols
  • Site visit: equipment supplier
  • Focus: Eastern Europe

Mark (Neilson) and I are off to BAMA’s aerosol forum this week, so anyone visiting the event, please be sure to say hello.

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