Going on a European tour

Our February issue will soon be upon on us, where we preview the Global Can Supplier Awards, and look ahead to The Grand Tour.

Following on from this theme, the issue brings you all the essential information on those innovations that have been shortlisted by our panel of experts. As well as this, we bring you the first in our two-part preview of our Grand Tour show preview.

As well as all the essential show information, there’s a feature with Colin Gillis, chairman of the Metal Packaging Association. The article focuses on finding out a little more about the organisation’s position on a number of issues, including the plastics issue, Deposit Return Schemes, and the Circular Economy. It’s an interesting perspective on the state of the European metal packaging industry at the moment, so be sure to find out more.

With the Circular Economy such an issue within Europe, it’ll be interesting to find out a little more on this, so I’ll be covering the organisation’s debate next week entitled ‘Ahead of the Pack’. With the focus now on implementation. Together with other partners in the value chain and thought leaders, Metal Packaging Europe will kick-off 2019 with insights on best practices for ongoing policy initiatives and potential stumbling blocks for the Circular Economy as it unfolds.

Be sure to check into this blog from Brussels next week for the report.

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