A welcome return

After the global uncertainty of the previous few months, at CanTech we are looking forward to the welcome return of a couple of regular features.

Our popular can making Most Valuable Player ‘MVPs’ returns. Like many sports fans, I’ve been engrossed by Netflix’s The Last Dance and marvelling at the professionalism and will to win of The Chicago Bulls basketball team, and in particular Michael Jordan, undoubtedly an MVP for 90s sports.

For those at a loss for things to do of an evening with a lack of amenities open currently, you can do far worse than this docuseries. Having no real interest for basketball like myself is not a prerequisite, it’s an examination of how hard work and fortitude can overcome any hurdle. It really is a must watch…

In our July and August, we examine can making’s own MVP list of those that have gone above and beyond in the industry. We have had some recommendations already, but please do be sure to get in touch with any suggestions.

As well as our MVP list, our Supplier Profile issue returns. It’s our essential who’s who of suppliers within the industry, so please be sure to not miss out. It’s a welcome return to be able to focus on our ‘bread and butter’, and for myself, nice to focus on a couple of features not relating to Covid-19.

Long may that continue…

And one final reminder with regards to Asia CanTech in Vietnam in November this year. The last chance for early bird rate is 31 May. For more on this, be sure to get in touch with Kyra O’Sheen on [email protected].

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