Keynote speaker Scott Breen looks ahead to Virtual Asia CanTech

Scott Breen, vice president of sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), will be focusing on how the can is tailor-made for the circular economy during his keynote speech at this year’s Virtual Asia CanTech Conference.

You can read an in-depth interview with Breen in the December/January edition of CanTech International, but speaking ahead of the event, he said: “Research CMI recently released finds the can is already a leading example of the circular economy. I will show the beautiful visual in the research from the material flow analysis of aluminium cans, glass bottles and plastic PET bottles within the US waste management system, and I will explain the key results from this analysis.

“I will also discuss how aluminium beverage cans provide the greatest opportunity for emission savings in a variety of idealised future recycling systems (eg 100% collection and national deposit system). I am looking forward to engaging with the Virtual Asia CanTech audience during my presentation titled “Circular Beverage Containers—The Aluminium Can’s Superior Performance Today and in Future Scenarios” and also networking with people in the industry to learn from them and hopefully find ways to collaborate to advance metal can sustainability efforts.”

CMI represents US can manufacturers and suppliers and Breen’s responsibilities include promoting the can as a sustainable/circular package, making sure federal and state legislation and regulation do not disadvantage the can, and leading the industry’s efforts to build upon the can industry’s leading recycling rates.

Talking about why trade events are important to CMI, Breen added: “Trade events help us keep up with the latest developments in the metal can industry so we can understand how sustainability fits within the metal can industry’s current capabilities and future trends. Trade shows and educational events also are important for those operating in various parts of the industry to hear the sustainability story and learn how sustainability can help them more effectively perform their job responsibilities. Sustainability cannot operate in a silo. That is a best practice for individual companies and entire industries. Engagement at trade events help ensure sustainability is woven into broader discussions and efforts.”

Virtual Asia CanTech is taking place on 23 November. You can register for the event at

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