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Next Monday (23 November) will see Asia CanTech brought to you in a virtual fashion for the first time ever. Sadly, we won’t all be meeting in person due to the coronavirus pandemic, but as everyone continues to adapt to new ways of working, I believe this brings about opportunities.

Bringing the metal packaging community together virtually offers the chance for can makers and suppliers from around the world to ‘meet’ likeminded individuals, view conference webinars and access the virtual tabletop sessions, all from the comfort of your own computer screen.

Whilst the networking side of things will clearly be different to normal most people have now got used to connecting in this way. Although everyone wants to see the return of physical events one thing that the pandemic has shown us is that businesses can operate in diverse ways with companies now more open to staff working from home for example.

When it comes to a virtual event this means that they may now have more time to get involved and interact with show material at a time which is convenient to them. Going forward I can see there being more of a link between what is being delivered virtually to physical events. When everyone gets to meet in person again, they will be talking about what they learnt online or who they met. There is a good chance this will lead to connections being made virtually in the first instance and then those relationships being cemented in-person.

Of course, with all of this going on the wheels of can making keep turning and production continues. But hopefully next week everyone can take a little bit of time out and attend the show whilst still doing their day jobs. It promises to be a good one and I for one look forward to ‘meeting’ you all.

For those that have not yet booked up, please be sure to visit: www.asia-can.com

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