The virtual appeal

So many conferences and events have been cancelled over the past year due to the pandemic, but despite the forced physical distance between all in the metal packaging industry, we have stayed connected in different ways through technology. We’ve all had to innovate and adapt which hasn’t necessarily been a negative experience.

Our Asia CanTech event went ahead ‘virtually’ and succesfully late last year and many others have done the same.

While we are receiving pleasing announcements of ‘physical’ conferences being rescheduled or booked for later this year – including Asia CanTech 2021 this October in Thailand – for now, many companies are still showcasing in a virtual way.

This week, APEAL has confirmed it will host a virtual event, Steel for Packaging Week, on 25 February announcing its new vision for recycling and showcasing steel as the model material for a 21st century circular economy. The decision follows the cancellation of interpack where they were due to exhibit.

I’m sure the event and others will be virtually well received until we can all meet again in person.

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