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This week we heard of how Crown Bevcan has helped Italian company Zai Urban Winery launch high-quality canned wine in a convenient, sustainable format, in order for the company to be able to convey its quirky brand story.

Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East was asked to partner with the winery for the manufacture and design of six unique 250ml cans featuring high-quality graphics to give the product a premium look, taking the opportunity to push the trend towards canned wines forward, diversifying into versatile, sustainable packaging.

Zai wanted to portray a vision of a world where, in 2150, wine is no longer available due to a lack of care for the environment. Pollution has ravaged the Earth and only a miracle can bring back the joys of wine to those remaining on the planet. To bring the story to life, Zai Urban Winery assigned six distinct characters for each of its organic wines, all of whom play a key role in returning wine to the world.

The premium designs, each featuring a character and using vivid graphics, also appeal to a younger audience, who invariably also take sustainability into account when making purchasing decisions. Five of the products are vegan.

The launch was a success and therefore, in order to develop the emerging canned wine market in Italy and beyond, it expanded its canning facilities within just a few months.

Gabriele Stringa, one of the partners at Zai Urban Winery, said: “We have developed a new way of offering wine while remaining focused on well-being, efficiency, resource management and innovation – values ​​that are the backbone of our production strategy linked to sustainability. Metal packaging is key to this, as it is 100% recyclable with zero loss of properties. We believe beverage cans will be the future as consumers increasingly look to the impact their purchasing decisions have on their personal health and that of the planet. Our partnership with Crown has made this possible, and now our unique story is reaching audiences across the continent as they enjoy our wines.”

Veronique Curulla, marketing and business development director at Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East, added: “Working with Zai Urban Winery to create these masterpieces in metal packaging has been an inspirational process for us all. Metal is undoubtedly a key component as we look to the future with sustainability in mind and delivers many practical benefits. Metal does not alter the taste of the wine inside, for example, and the ability to deliver a single-serve portion means there is no need to open a full bottle when only one glass is wanted. It helps promote responsible consumption and can be easily transported and enjoyed in a wide variety of situations – such as on the beach, at picnics or outdoor events, for example.”

Each can features a QR Code that sends consumers to the winery website. Once there, they can access details about the provenance of the wine and read the story behind the brand. The new line of wines is available in hospitality and retail outlets across Italy, Ireland, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, UK and Israel.

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