Key to the Budverse

On Monday this week, Budweiser joined the non-fungible token (NFT) craze, with the release of a line of NFTs called the Budverse Cans Heritage Edition. It consisted of 1,936 Budverse Cans as a nod to the first appearance of the Budweiser can in 1936.

Each ethereum-based NFT was a digital representation generated using archived photos, ads, and designs from the product’s history.

Budweiser also included 36 ultra-rare tokens in the form of gold cans, featuring imagery from the brand’s iconic classic cans. The rare tokens were priced at $999 and came with benefits, rewards, and surprises exclusive to those holders. The rest were core editions, costing $499 and came with their own perks.

The purchase of these NFTs, which Budweiser called Key to the Budverse, have already sold out and were available through the company’s website where you can find out more details of this latest foray into the digital asset space:

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