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It was encouraging to read about a podcast series launch this week, aimed at children, that is all about aluminium recycling.

Fun Kids, a UK radio station for children, families and parents, is broadcasting a series of ten podcast episodes about the benefits of aluminium recycling and it is available to download from the Fun Kids website.

In each episode, characters Max, Alisha and mum learn more about aluminium packaging, how it’s made and how best to recycle it. Alongside discussing the challenges of contamination, the trio explore the reprocessing of recycled aluminium, visiting a wide range of locations to explain its infinite circularity.

Coming as part of a wider national initiative to get primary and secondary school pupils excited about recycling, the series has been co-created by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro). Through its Learning Aluminium website, parents, pupils, carers and teachers can download further free resources to help build knowledge about packaging materials and recycling best practice.

Tom Giddings, general manager of Alupro, said: “Over the past few years, aluminium packaging recycling rates have continued to increase across the UK. With sustainability, emissions and the environment continuing to rise up the national agenda, recycling is becoming a key part of everyday life.

“But while increasing volumes is excellent news indeed, recycling isn’t just a short-term concern. As resources become scarcer and material demand continues to increase, recycling will quickly become pivotal to maintaining the global supply chain. Our latest educational campaign therefore focuses on the next generation – educating them about the importance of recycling and encouraging them to separate their used packaging materials from a young age.”

Gregory Watson, managing director of Fun Kids, added: “Sustainability and recycling is an important topic for children to learn about. We’re delighted to be hosting this podcast series in partnership with Alupro – making the process fun and engaging for all the family.

“We’re confident that it will prove a valuable resource for thousands of pupils, helping them to gain a greater understanding of the aluminium industry and the vital importance of recycling used packaging materials.”

The new podcast series launched on Monday 14 February (5.30pm) and is broadcast daily for an initial four weeks.

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