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I have a lot more metal packaging in my house than I thought. I muse on this as I open my fiancé’s Grind coffee beans, which came with an attractive pink tin when we first got the subscription. This isn’t revolutionary, of course. London-based companies have been using metal coffee containers for centuries, but it got me thinking about how essential metal packaging continues to be for the coffee industry.

Coffee capsules for one. Companies are increasingly making the switch to aluminium capsules, with their sustainability credentials. In fact, aluminium rolling & recycling company Novelis announced a $30 million investment in April, to build a new continuous annealing line at its Plettenberg-Ohle, Germany, facility, that will double the plant’s capacity for aluminium used in the production of coffee capsules. Manufacturers are noticing the demand and acting accordingly; Mordor Intelligence reports that the global coffee pods and capsules market is projected to witness a CAGR of 7.72% during the forecast period 2022-2027.

We don’t have a coffee machine in our house yet, but I can’t imagine it’s long before my aficionado other half wants to try one out and get all the gear, capsules included.

Metal does seem to give off more of an elite look to finished products, which is definitely of advantage to speciality companies as they compete (aesthetically at the very least), with the likes of Nespresso and other giants.

On the other side of things, with summer coming up, brands will be capitalising on the RTD and cold brew boom with canned products. Lavazza’s recently released cold brew cans bring an arty feel and a poolside vibe, and I expect CanTech to cover many more product launches in this area in the coming months.

After all, what’s more appealing than a cold, sleek can, and a hit of energy on a hot day?

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