The Grand Tour joy continues

Evert van de Weg hands The Box CEO Tony Veer the company's award, while The Box office manager Ad Noordijk holds up the award certificate

This year’s CanTech the Grand Tour event (which is still on-demand here) may have been virtual, but one of our award winners has just received their trophy in-person.

Today (29 June 2022), CanTech International editorial board member, Evert van de Weg, met with The Box CEO Tony Veer in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, to hand over The Box’s CanTech the Grand Tour 2022 Decorative award.

According to Evert, the first thing Tony remarked was “What an honour to be in the list of winners between the big can makers Crown, Trivium and Canpack.’’

The tin The Box made for a German company has become a real collector’s item. Tony Veer said: “Our client wanted to package special cakes. Cakes that were to be sold in Berlin. The customer was looking for customised tins, so that he would have truly unique tins. Concessions were out of the question. The idea was to package cakes in the shape of the Berlin Wall, and not just with one type of tin, but six different designs. This way, consumers can create their own cake tin wall.’’

The custom-made tins can be stacked on their sides to build the wall. The tins fit together seamlessly, and the modern graffiti-like designs together with the sepia-coloured vintage photographs make the tin mirror old and new brilliantly. The push-in lid is applied sideways, and a text and logo are embossed on it.

Tony Veer concluded: “We really did our best on this design so such an award is very welcome!’’

Many thanks to Evert for travelling in-person to The Box’s headquarters, and congratulations again to the company for its Decorative category win, along with the rest of our 2022 winners.

On the subject of events, ADF Paris, part of the 2022 Paris Packaging Week, kicked off today, with over 1,600 brands attending, hundreds of product launches, and 30+ speakers from the aerosols field. We will have an online exclusive for you soon featuring a rundown of this year’s ADF innovations, but in the meantime look out for various company announcements on our website.

In other exciting news, the July 2022 issue of CanTech is out! Click here to read it now.

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