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Currently, the CanTech team is working hard on our Supplier Profiles edition of the magazine, bringing you a comprehensive guide of industry experts supplying the can making and metal packaging world.

Working on our August issue, and reflecting on the Guinness World Record news a couple of weeks ago – of Pepsi fan Christian Cavaletti’s record-breaking collection of 12,402 of the brand’s beverage cans – got me thinking about the importance of can design and how special edition releases can often make a lasting impression to become keepsakes.

Image: Alex Rivers

In the Bell Publishing office, we boast our own collection of cans that publishing director Neil and the CanTech teams over the years have picked up. Since becoming editor I’ve naturally become more drawn to cans, and regularly scour the supermarket shelves for anything that jumps out to me. For Father’s Day this year, my fiancé and I bought the limited edition 1L Faxe cans of lager (by Royal Unibrew) pictured above and right, which was when I’d realised I’ve become that person taking aesthetic shots of beverage cans for what I’m now calling the Can Gram i.e. my blogs! These two particular Faxe collector’s item cans feature detailed scenes of ‘Baldur’s Death’ and ‘Thor and the Midgard Serpent’, stories of Viking mythology that the brand has also made into Faxe Saga podcasts on its website to elevate the whole experience.

Limited run can designs like these, and seeing collections like Cavaletti’s, also help us appreciate the history of can making in the context of where we are today with advanced machinery and technologies, whether for forming, shaping, seaming or metal decorating, inks and coatings, etc.

In our August issue we’ve got some valuable features that journey through time and celebrate all aspects of the industry. Evert van de Weg gives us an in-depth insight into the birth of the two-piece beverage can; there’s an interview with Hilary Powell, the photographer helping commemorate Tata Steel’s Trostre Tin Works 70th anniversary with a tinplate exhibition; and lastly, Dominique Huret’s visit to Benepack Belgium’s Genk site brings us right up to the present day and explores the company’s aluminium beverage can production.

We look forward to sharing these articles and all our supplier profiles with you soon.

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