Checking in from Paris

Image: Alex Rivers

At the time of writing this, we’re halfway through the busy first day of Paris Packaging Week at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

ADF Paris is abuzz with aerosol manufacturers, equipment specialists, can makers, suppliers and other interested parties, with a welcoming atmosphere that conveys just how valuable in-person events like this are to the industry.

The Talks section has been particularly insightful so far, initiated by Trivium Packaging’s business development manager, Chas Aylsworth. APEAL’s sustainability and circular economy officer, Steve Claus, began the presentations by highlighting what the new packaging and packaging waste legislation means for aerosols, making reference to APEAL’s best practice recycling report released in February 2022. Claus discussed APEAL’s desire for recyclability performance grades, whereby packaging allowed on the market would be rated A-D for its compliance with Design for Recycling criteria of a unit of packaging. Anything below this and rated E (with a <70% score) should be phased out from 2030, Claus said.

Another key point driven home so far is that we need the backing from consumers, or to ’empower’ them, as FEA’s general secretary, Alain D’Haese, put it, for any successful scheme or legislation to work, or it’s “all for nothing,” as Claus stated.

Walking round the exhibition hall so far, it’s been great to see focuses on lightweighting, new spray technology and refill options. But there is much more to explore, so I will make this week’s blog short and ask that you keep updated with the show on our social channels, and keep an eye out for my review in the March 2023 edition of CanTech. Tomorrow, 26 January, will also see the ADF Innovation Awards announced, so stay tuned.

Please do also drop me a message if you’re at the show and would like to meet or organise a short interview.

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