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After the high experienced last year by UK Eurovision viewers, this year we’re back in our usual slump, having come second-to-last in the final rankings of the song contest!

Personally, I liked our song, but it didn’t translate well on-stage. Mae Muller’s microphone sounded like it had the volume turned down, and our production could have been glitzier.

For me, Eurovision’s all about the camp, the weird and wonderful, so I enjoyed watching the performances from Austria, Serbia, Moldova and Belgium, to name but a few!

Speaking of the unique, this week I’ve stumbled across some news which combines watch making and aluminium coffee capsules…

The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin, the result of the partnership between watch maker Hublot and Nespresso, features a limited edition green watch made of 200 pieces, including recycled Nespresso coffee grounds and capsules. The two companies declare it an ‘iconic object that symbolises full-circle design.’

The recycled coffee grounds from capsules have been transformed into the watch straps – a rubber version and a second Velcro fabric version are available. For the fabric strap, Hublot has collaborated with SINGTEX, one of Nespresso’s partners who was already using recycled coffee grounds to produce a fabric called S.Café.

The recycled aluminium capsules become the case, bezel, crown and pushers of the watch.

To achieve its ‘Art of Fusion,’ where materials are concerned, the manufacture department of Hublot has its own Metallurgy and Materials laboratory, working in close collaboration with the research and development department, as well as its own foundry. 

The result of Hublot and Nespresso’s luxury collaboration is a striking one indeed; and will allow consumers to appreciate the beauty and value of recycled aluminium over their morning coffee – as long as the eye-watering purchase price of £20,800 doesn’t bother them too much…

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