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Image: Alex Rivers

I’m back – as a Mrs (still a Rivers though)!

It’s funny how time passes these days – while on honeymoon, it felt like I had been away forever, and now I’m back it feels like I hardly left at all!

After writing about the ‘wedding cans‘ tradition in my ‘premarital’ blog a few weeks back, my parents did in fact carry on that tradition for us, and attached three empty food cans to the back of my now husband’s car on our exit from the hotel the day after the wedding! See above photo from behind the scenes.

The cans certainly made a lot of noise, and it wasn’t really safe driving all the way home with them, so we did just drive around the corner and then take them off – as was the case with the balloons and the ‘Just Married’ ribbons on the car bonnet. It’s a lot of impractical decoration if you asked me, but did make us feel special. I am still feeling that newlywed glow and reminiscing with family and friends about the day. I’m sure the bubble will burst soon but for now I’ll say thank you again to everyone for their congratulations.

In other news, the IMDPA Annual Conference in underway in Itasca, Illinois. Neil and Flora McRitchie have flown to the US and are there representing team CanTech there, so please do say hi to them at our tabletop! We’ve an exciting time ahead with Asia CanTech and CanTech the Grand tour coming up, as well as the anticipated release of our 2024 media pack, so there will be lots to discuss.

Aside from our busy preparations for Asia CanTech, the wider Bell Publishing team is looking forward to hosting the Dairy Industries Expo and World Confectionery Conference, both taking place in the UK in Harrogate next week. Team CanTech will be cheering them on from the sidelines and we wish them every success.

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