Preparing for a Grand return

Sanjay Bhatia addressing the audience at CanTech the Grand Tour in February 2020. Image: Bell Publishing

The past week or so has been a blur, as is usually the case with travelling and returning to deadlines! But I am pleased to report that we had a successful time at Paris Packaging Week and I’ve been busy writing up my review of the show, which can be found in the next edition of the magazine. Belated congratulations to the ADF Innovation award winners too; the jury definitely had their work cut out deciding as there were some brilliant entries this year.

Staying on the topic of events, an exciting announcement that I can give you a ‘sneak peek’ about here is that we’ve partnered once more with the Metal Can Manufacturers Association (MCMA) in India for this year’s CanTech the Grand Tour, taking place from 26-28 March in Mumbai. This means we will also be welcoming back Sanjay Bhatia – who is president of the association and managing director for Hindustan Tin Works – as a keynote speaker.

The last Grand Tour took place in February 2020, which I remember happening very shortly after I joined the team at Bell, and just before the coronavirus pandemic hit. A four-hear hiatus for a show that used to happen yearly would have been difficult for any company, but our team is feeling prouder than ever about the Grand Tour’s return, and we’re excited to share updates with you in the run-up to the end of March.

Some of our other speakers at the conference, along with further details, are showcased on the CanTech the Grand Tour website ( and will be included in the February edition of the magazine, which will be in everyone’s delegate bags at the show in Mumbai. Our agenda is yet to be finalised but slots are filling up, so if you’d like to participate, please email [email protected] as soon as possible. Entries to the Grand Tour Awards are also still available, and details of how to enter yourself as a can or end maker are available here.

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