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Image: Virgin Atlantic

I’m off on my travels at the end of this week, and I look forward to seeing what canned goods are on board my long-haul flights to Australia. It’s become a habit, especially with travelling for work over the past couple of years!

I’m not flying with them, but passengers of Virgin Atlantic flights are in for a treat, with the airline service now offering those in premium and economy a new 5cl low carbon aluminium mini vodka bottle from Sapling Spirits. It’s great to see an airline collaborating with a B Corp to make real changes and encourage its passengers to seek out more metal packaging options.

Sapling Spirits’ climate efforts are focused on four key areas: reforestation, regenerative farming, waste reduction, and eco-friendly packaging. Sapling uses local ingredients to reduce transport emissions, and also plants a tree for every bottle sold. Through this new partnership with Virgin Atlantic, the two brands have also set a target of planting over 20,000 trees throughout the year.

Virgin Atlantic has reportedly been making sustainable changes everywhere it can on board, which is something all airlines should be striving for. You only need to look at the mess created by some after a long-haul flight to understand the waste levels and therefore the need for better packaging options. And please let’s do away with giving people cans and accompanying plastic cups.

A bit of housekeeping to end now: during my absence for the next couple of weeks, expect blogs instead from our wonderful sales manager, Sarah Hills, and associate editor, Kathryn Brand. They will both be present at CanTech the Grand Tour in Mumbai later this month, and look forward to providing you with show content ahead of and during the event!

For those of you joining the CanTech team, here’s wishing you all a wonderful show and safe journeys. I look forward to hearing all about it. The show review will be included in the May edition of the magazine.

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