The growing aerosol agenda

In last month’s issue, we featured an in-depth analysis of the growing aerosol trend, and since going to press, we have been deluged with more positive stories that point towards its rise in prominence.

Celebrating a wide array of newly designed aerosols, Aerobal recently held its annual World Aluminium Aerosol Can Awards, which CanTech International had the privilege of helping judge. Of the nominees, I was most impressed by the ‘Autumn’ aerosol can from Tubex, which scooped first prize in the prototypes category. Via the use of new digital printing technologies, the product features an extremely high-quality image, along with a smooth texture – which combine to give the can a classy, novel appearance. With developers beginning to give more and more consideration to aerosol cans, it will be very interesting to see the prototypes put forth for next year’s awards.

Ball, meanwhile, highlighted solid global demand for aerosol containers as one of the key factors responsible for driving growth in its metal packaging and household goods sector – this at a time when beverage can volumes in North America are actually down on this same period in 2012.

Clearly, the design and appearance of the aerosol can is becoming an increasingly important factor, and we will – of course – follow this closely in the coming weeks and months. Full details from both of the above stories can be read in this week’s newsletter, whilst next’s month’s issue of CanTech International will explore the growing aerosol trend in Asia and Australia; proving that its rise is truly global.

– Simon Rowley

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