CanTech TV is coming your way

Many of our faithful readers will have noticed that CanTech TV has been providing an outline of the can making process for quite some time now via a series of video clips.

Now, as useful as this is to the layperson, we are fairly confident that you’re all au fait with the process by now and would perhaps appreciate something slightly different in terms of video content.

Enter CanTech TV mark II, a revolutionary new series of interviews planned for the latter part of 2014.

We will start with the can makers, gleaning from them exactly how they see the industry at present in terms of innovation, growth, trends and financial stability.

Next we will open the floor to industry suppliers, who will give us an entirely different perspective on the same issues. How do these areas affect manufacturers of machines and parts? What are the can makers asking them for when it comes to problem solving solutions?

Let us not forget the fillers. What are they asking the can makers for? What’s the next big thing they are looking to achieve? Is it a new shape or a cutting edge design the likes of which has never been seen before? We will ask the questions on your behalf.

Finally, we will hear from the governing bodies and trade associations surrounding the industry, who again will give us something fresh from a regulatory perspective. Just how challenging is it to oversee a multi billion dollar industry? Well, CanTech TV will answer this question for you and much more besides.

The idea behind this initiative is to bring together can makers, suppliers, fillers and associations in order to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences, much like our conferences in Asia and Europe do each year.

Good communication is the bedrock of any solid business, and we at CanTech would like to help in some small way to facilitate the conversations that need to take place.

CanTech TV is coming to your screens… We hope you’re ready for it!

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