Destination Asia

With just a couple of weeks left to go until Asia CanTech 2014 in Bangkok, the office is in full swing preparing for the off.

All of the team are pitching in, organising banners, magazines, brochures, exciting free gifts, in anticipation of a great event from 27th October.

Speakers from around the region have sent their presentations to us here, and let me tell you that those attending are in for a real treat when it comes to content. The sessions are wide ranging and varied and we are confident that everyone present will take away something of real value.

The aim, as I have doubtless mentioned in the past, is to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences and we are very much looking forward to facilitating much stimulating debate across the two days.

If you have not registered to attend there is still time. Simply visit our website or contact Megan Freeman directly at [email protected].

As I said, it is a busy time here, and we still have one more magazine to bring you before we head off to the airport. Keep an eye out for the November issue in the next couple of weeks. The content, as always, should hit the mark.

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