Precision manufacturing in China

Following my visit to Cannex this month I took a trip up to Yantai with Johan Jonkman of VMI to take a look at the company’s manufacturing plant.

A stalwart in the industry for washers and dry-off ovens, VMI are interested in one thing primarily – quality.

Having walked around the plant with VP of production Warren Rudman, it quickly became clear that any stereotypes you may have of Chinese factories could easily be blown out of the water within five minutes in this environment.

Warren has worked hard to adapt to the local culture and way of working and has gently coaxed changing its mindset slightly in order to work to his methods.

Streamlining processes and rewarding ideas and hard work are a top priority – all leading to a high quality finished product.

There is, as I mentioned, a tendency to think that factories in China are simply churning out machines quickly and cheaply and that the quality suffers because of this. My advice to you would be to drop in on VMI. It truly is an example of exactly what do to in this rapidly developing country.

A full article on my visit will be available to read next issue.

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