An emerging market

With the economic sanctions looking more and more likely to be lifted, Iran presents a very real and interesting opportunity to businesses – can makers included.

Business leaders from around the world, including oil giants Shell and ENI, have been jetting off to Tehran of late to assess the possibilities of doing business with the country, which could potentially open up a market of 80 million people.

And guess what? Of those 80 million people, a large proportion will need cans of some description, be it three-piece food or two-piece beverage – so who will be the first to dip the proverbial toe in the water?

Just the other week, we had an invitation to fly to Iran to discuss the potential opportunities there for the metal packaging industry and we are very excited to do so. Maybe you are looking to do the same?

Of course there are concerns about this marketplace, including those surrounding cross-border money transfers, but it seems the feelings in general are positive.

What are your views on the potential opportunities for metal packaging manufacturers in Iran? Please leave your comments below.

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