Back issues


June 2019

Handling & conveying, Sustainability, Lubricants, Washers & dry off ovens, IMDA review

May 2019

Caps & closures, Canned fish update, Investments & Financial update, IMDA preview & Grand Tour show review

April 2019

Inspection & testing systems, Used & refurbished equipment, Site visit: filler, Cannex US show issue supplement

March 2019

Seaming update, Three-piece market update, Digital printing, The Grand Tour show issue

February 2019

2019 – The year ahead, Coatings & inks, CanTech the Grand Tour Supplier Awards, Site visit: Savvycan

December 2018/January 2019

Focus: Africa, Oven technology, Market/consumer trends, Investments & Financial predictions 2018, Speciality/fancy cans, Asia CanTech review

October 2018

Filling focus: Wine & spirits Raw materials Bottle cans Used & refurbished equipment Asia CanTech show issue.

September 2018

Focus: Asia Curing systems Inspection & testing Metal decorating Supplier profile supplement.

July/August 2018

Focus: Food Shaping & embossing Two-piece market update Tooling developments – two piece/three piece Can Making MVPs Site visit: can maker.

June 2018

Apeal steel report
Tata Steel on sustainability
Environmental benefits
Euro CanTech’s Candid Forum
Handling & conveying
Washers & ovens
South Korea

May 2018

Filling focus: Soft drinks Caps & closures Canned fish update Investments & Financial update IMDA preview & Euro CanTech show review.

April 2018

Focus: Europe Inspection & testing systems Used & refurbished equipment Site visit: filler Cannex show issue supplement.

March 2018

Filling focus: Beer Seaming update Three-piece market update & digital printing Euro CanTech show issue.

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