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May 2022

Caps and closures
Filling update
Czech Republic focus
France report

April 2022

Inspection & testing systems
Used & refurbished equipment
Seaming update

March 2022

Industry outlook
Soudronic company profile
KHS case study 

February 2022

The year ahead
Coatings & inks
Aerosol cans
Central Asia focus

October 2021

Raw materials
Greece focus
Used & refurbished equipment

August 2021

Regional focus: Ukraine
Metal packaging trends

July 2021

Filling focus: Food
Shaping & embossing
Tooling developments – two-piece/three-piece

June 2021

Handling and Conveying
Washers and Dry off ovens
North America focus

May 2021

Caps & closures
Three-piece market update
Russia focus

April 2021

Digital printing
Inspection and Testing systems
Tinplate packaging for Pet Food

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