A full house at ADF Paris 2022

Tubex's PURE Overvarnished won the concept of the year award. Image: Tubex

ADF Paris 2022 marked the first Aerosol & Dispensers fair in over two years. Organised by EasyFairs, the event is now rebranded Paris Packaging Week, with perfume, cosmetic and luxury drink events under the same one roof. The event consists of awards ceremonies, an innovation gallery and special conferences, enough to cater for nearly seven thousand visitors and a total of 10,500 packaging influencers and 630 stands. In addition, Easyfairs and the European Aerosol Federation or FEA have announced a new partnership to develop ADF at the Paris Packaging Week as from 2023. This will reinforce the event’s position as the premier annual international aerosol event. Dominique Huret from Cape Decision attended Paris Packaging Week 2022 and scouted the alleys for innovations in aerosols and can dispensers.

And the award goes to…

Nivea Ecodeo. Image: Easyfairs

In personal care, two products could not be missed. The Nivea Ecodeo (Beiersdorf) with its climate friendlier spray uses a patented valve technology from Salvalco. This enables propane and butane to be replaced with nitrogen, an environmentally friendly gas, without sacrificing the aerosol spray performance. Colep and Ball have collaborated on this packaging.

Cien pure&fresh Deodorant. Image: Tubex

The Cien pure&fresh Deodorant (male & female) also got a mention. The brand owned by Lidl has entrusted German Tubex gmbf to produce this packaging. It has a reduced weight and incorporate real sustainable lacquers, varnishes and inks. “Our patented alloy Neucan 3.1 reduced the weight of the aerosol can by six per cent and twenty-five per cent real PCR from the yellow bag/consumer waste are included in the alloy. The exclusive cooperation of Tubex and PreZero Pyral secures real PCR material from consumer waste. This avoids using recycling material from already well functioning recycling loops “Not to rob Peter to pay Paul.” The print consists of ecological printing ink. The ingredients are mostly from renewable resources. Water-based over varnish with sixty per cent less solvents compared to standard over varnish complements the design,” explains Karin Swain, Tubex management assistant.

Robijn Dry Wash Spray. Image: Easyfairs

In the household category, the award went to Robijn Dry Wash Spray, produced by Coster Technologies. This Bag-On-Valve system consists of an aluminium can closed by a valve on which a flexible multilayer film bag containing the product to be dispensed is affixed. Also interesting is Virusend, presented by Pritchard Spray Technology Ltd. The company says it is the world’s first aerosol refill pack.

Virusend. Image: Easyfairs

The concept of the year award recognises disruptive innovation. Tubex was named winner of this award for its natural over varnish (see featured image), completely mineral oil free. The ingredients are all biodegradable. Standard over varnish usually consists of polyester which is based on mineral oil. However, for the winning PURE Overvarnished, none of the used ingredients are based on mineral oil. This is a joint development of Tubex and partner PURE. This biodegradable over varnish complements the Tubex strategy of “The most sustainable aluminium mono bloc aerosol can on earth.”

Industry leaders’ latest innovations

Eviosys, one of the European leaders in metal packaging, presented its EvioLink. This unique QR code printed directly on the container propels metal packaging into the digital age by enabling customers and consumers to meet their needs and respond to today’s major challenges: reduction of the environmental footprint, fight against counterfeiting and traceability in case of product recall. “We are constantly evolving our packaging concepts to make them modern, practical and unique. EvioLink allows consumers to personalize the shopping experience and build trust with brands. We offer brands an unique QR codes integrated into the packaging design. Printing a unique QR code is a technical feat and a major challenge. EvioLink is a testimony of our constant will to bring innovative solutions for our industrial customers as well as for end consumers, while respecting the environment and opens up new opportunities for the group,” adds Isabelle Le Graët, marketing, communication and sustainable development manager.

Image: Eviosys

Back in 2014, Ball introduced ReAl, a proprietary and patented alloy composition that increases the strength of the aluminium used in aerosol can manufacturing. Thanks to this new alloy, Ball increased the strength, hence allowing significant light weighting of aerosol cans while preserving package integrity requirements. “Ball keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation with ReAl and the re:generation cans that we present at the fair. Today we are producing cans that are up to 30 per cent lighter (compared to a standard aluminium aerosol can) while retaining their strength and structure. Of course, less weight and less raw material means significantly less energy used in production and transportation. We have counted that since starting production, over 2.2 billion ReAl aerosol cans have been consumed in markets worldwide, resulting in 66, 000 tonnes of carbon saved,” commented Elisabeth Tanguy, aerosol packaging director, Strategic Communications, Europe, Americas, India Ball Aerosol Packaging.

Elisabeth Tanguy, aerosol packaging director, Strategic Communications, Europe, Americas, India Ball Aerosol Packaging. Image: Dominique Huret

Trivium Packaging’s chief sustainability officer, Jenny Wassenaar. Image: Dominique Huret

Jenny Wassenaar, chief sustainability officer at Trivium Packaging, was keen to share key findings of the company’s 2022 Global Buying Green Report. The survey of more than 15,000 consumers across Europe, North America, and South America on their values and behaviours covers sustainable packaging, including willingness to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, perceptions of materials, and interest in refillable packaging. “Overall consumer demand for sustainable packaging remains high with 74 per cent expressed interest in buying products in refillable packaging. Consumers want products in recyclable packaging, but they also recognise the value of extending the life of packaging through reuse. Refillable packaging is proving to be a versatile and valuable solution for consumer products. These data presents a strong case that transitioning to sustainable packaging is not only the right decision for the environment, but also the right decision for any business.” Trivium’s stand at the show focused on reusable alu bottles. The $2.7bn global supplier also expressed pride at its business sustainability efforts being recognised with a Platinum medal, the highest-ranking available, in the 2021 EcoVadis sustainability ratings.

Not forgetting…

GreenSpense’s Eco-Drive claims the world’s first and only packaging solution that provides high-pressure continuous dispensing within 100 per cent PCR and recyclable cardboard, PE, or aluminium packages. The production of Eco-Drive and its outer packaging declares the lowest CO2 emissions footprint in the industry. The absence of gas simplifies filling, storing, handling and transportation, further reducing CO2 emissions. Eco-Drive packages are filled using standard filling lines. At PCD, GreenSpense demonstrated that Eco-Drive is rechargeable up to ten times on standard aerosol lines, reducing the carbon footprint of aerosols even further. GreenSpense has also announced its expansion with the opening of a new factory in October 2022.

GreenSpense’s Eco-Drive. Image: Easyfairs

Paris Packaging Week may have just closed its doors but the 2023 edition is already in a few months. The fair will go back to its previous timing of the end of January.

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