Making the Indian elephant fly

CanTech International Editorial board member Atit Bhatia attempts to decode the story behind the Indian can market.

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2 responses to “Making the Indian elephant fly”

  1. Dr.Doug Rasic says:

    Very interesting and well written article,I have been waiting for long time to see the can industry start moving forward in India and to get up to the higher position which it rightly deserves.
    With the population increasing very fast and middle class getting bigger and bigger and with changing lifestyles with more disposable income I am sure that can Industry will grow.
    Ubis has been selling products in India for a number of years and with the predictions for the growth as mentioned by Mr.Bhatia we expect better and brighter future as well.

  2. Atit says:

    Dear Dr. Doug, thank you very much for the kind comments !

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