October 2011


  • New Products: New cans and ends in the market place
  • Equipment News: The latest machinery and equipment for the can line
  • Candid: Patrick Geffers, sales manager graphics, Stork Prints Austria


  • Asia CanTech 2011 preview: Asia CanTech will take place in Vietnam for the first time ever this year
  • Clarke’s can corner: Stephen Clarke is the customer technical service (CTS) manager for Western Europe at Ball Packaging Europe. He will share his knowledge of the industry in every other issue of CanTech International
  • Knight’s knowledge: Jack Knight is director international technical
    service for INX International Ink Co. In his latest contribution for CanTech International he looks at the area of  graphics
  • A master of trades: CanTech International correspondent Evert van de Weg speaks to Rolf Geide, general manager of Cantec, and Robert Bauerdiek, commercial director, about the company’s can making machinery and new developments
  • A one stop shop: The two largest used can making machinery dealers have joined forces. US based Container Fabrication Machinery and MEM Holland spoke to CanTech International about the agrrement
  • Decorative designs: Turkey’s steel can manufacturing industry has undergone a shake up in the past two years with several companies deciding to close down production due to low prices and overcapacity in the market. David Hayes reports on a company that is bucking this trend
  • Marketing matters: This article explores the world of iconic beverage can design and marketing, focusing on artwork and packaging innovation, the motivations behind them and a look at what the future holds for cans
  • Seaming techniques: Ole Orts Pedersen is a senior consultant at Danish can maker Glud & Marstrand. In this article, he covers the basics of double seaming and closing machines
  • Seaming seafood cans: The area of seaming is one of the most important steps in the can making process. In this article Alejandro Martinez from MCG updates Alec Peachey on some of the latest developments

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