April 2012


  • New Products: New cans and ends in the market place
  • Equipment News: The latest machinery and equipment for the can line
  • Candid: Alex Grossjohann, vice president, CMC-Kuhnke Worldwide


  • Stolle interview: In an exclusive interview Greg Butcher, Stolle’s chief operating and technical officer, gives CanTech International his views on the future of can and end making equipment
  • Machinery: One of Taiwan’s leading can making machinery producers is responding to market demands. David Hayes reports
  • Market statistics: The Can Makers market report contains detailed information about the UK beverage can market. Geoff Courtney, chairman of the Can Makers, highlights why drinks cans continue to be a preferred pack choice
  • Three-piece cans: Jakob Guyer, chief executive officer at Soudronic Group, discusses the three-piece can making process and looks at the technology available to can makers
  • Aerosol developments: The Ardagh Group is enhancing its position in the aerosol market. Alec Peachey speaks to CEO Niall Wall about the company’s latest acquisition
  • Ovens: Kevin Gillest (director of technical services) and Mike Calahan (managing director) of US-based Integrated Packaging Solutions discuss the thermal/oven process part of can making
  • The printing process: Jack Knight from INX International is CanTech International’s regular ink specialist. He discusses the printing process
  • Beverage filling: Evert van de Weg talks to Dutch filler DIS and finds out about the company’s plans to install a fifth can filling line
  • Aerosol production: After producing several thousand sample cans on its Icon V-Drive, Schuler believes it has found aerosol can makers a viable production alternative
  • Engineering: Adrian Long, global account manager for Carnaud Metalbox Engineering (CmbE), discusses metal forming machine fundamentals

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