June 2013

The June issue of CanTech International features an exclusive look at how a British company dealt with water issues around the installation of a brand new can line in sub-Saharan Africa. You can also read about expansion work at Nampak, Africa’s largest packing business and how they’re converting steel lines to aluminium.
There is also all the usual news and features from around the world of cans covering, suppliers makers and fillers.

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7 World News

42 New Products
New cans and ends in the market place

43 Equipment News
The latest machinery and equipment for the can line

46 Filling Focus
News The latest from can fillers around the world

66 Candid
Iain Percival, Rexam’s sector director, Beverage Can Europe


14 Inspection and testing
A step change has happened in the can industry with the adoption of optical inspection for inside spray Euro CanTech 2013 preview

16 The can world will focus in on Birmingham, England this month for the first ever Euro CanTech

18 Curing systems
CanTech International correspondent Evert van de Weg looks at how KBA- MetalPrint has developed its curing equipment over the years

21 Recycling
Geoff Courtney, chairman of the Can Makers, believes myths surrounding the recycling of cans need to be busted to help make the industry more sustainable

24 Focus Africa
Nampak Bevcan, South Africa’s sole beverage can manufacturer, has started commissioning the company’s first aluminium beverage can line as the
country’s drinks can industry prepares to enter a promising new era, David Hayes reports

29 IMDA review
The International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA) annual meeting and con- ference, held near Chicago in the US, was the organisation’s most
successful so far

35 Cannex review
Cannex returned to America for three days in Atlanta with the quality of visitors, if not the quantity, impressing exhibitors

38 Innovation update
Can makers and suppliers are striving for the latest tech- nology to make consumers pick their products and ink is where the innovation comes in Luke
Walsh reports

48 Craft beer update
Russ Phillips updates readers on the canned craft beer market in the US and reviews the best cans

49 Buyers Guide

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