January/February 2009


  • New Products: New cans and ends in the market place
  • Equipment News: The latest machinery and equipment for the can line
  • Candid: Simon Jennings, managing director of Rexam Beverage Can Asia Pacific, reveals why resilience is crucial in troubled economic times – and why he can’t get enough of cans


  • Success is in the can: Despite the global recession, our very own industry conference, held in Kuala Lumpur last month, left everyone in buoyant mood
  • An inspector calls: Inspection can be a way for can makers to further improve yields and reduce spoilage, according to Bud Patel, vice president of sales at Applied Vision Corporation
  • Asia CanTech: Meet the winners of our annual awards
  • The means to an end: New and imaginative end ideas are the quest of many a can company. Here three of them reveal their latest innovations
  • A mist opportunity: Can machine maker Lanico’s decision to add spray cans to its repertoire means business has never been better, according to Evert van der Weg
  • A pressing issue: Alfons Haar may have founded the company that still bears his name, but it was his son who saw the need for drastic action. Evert van der Weg reports

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