Cask unveils canning machine

Cask Brewing Systems, inventors of micro-canning equipment for craft brewers has unveiled a new canning machine for craft brewers.

Cask’s new package, The Cag, combines the portability, recyclability and freshness power of the aluminium can with the beer industry’s draft beer mainstay, the stainless steel keg.

“We think The Cag will revolutionise craft beer packaging and the buying and dispensing of beer for parties around the world,” said Cask founder, Peter Love.

Each Cag is made of light-gauge aluminium, holds 15.5 US gallons of beer and stands 36 inches tall. For draft beer lovers, Cask offers a special tap that mounts at the bottom of The Cag.

“With a Cag consumers no longer need to put down deposits for kegs and taps or have heavy and costly dispensing equipment. When your Cag is empty you just crush it down and toss it in your pocket or recycling bin,” explained Love.

To fill and seam Cags, Cask created another pioneering new machine. The ACS XXL fills five Cags at a time and requires just 22 square feet of brewery space.

The world’s largest micro-canning machine, the ACS XXL will be available this spring in time for a new Cag Party promotional campaign from Cask.

Cask officials say The Cag is already creating a big buzz among beer can collectors. The company is also discovering some unexpected benefits from its new package.

“Aluminium cans have long been the world’s most recycled beverage package. However, we’re getting an amazing 100% recycle rate with The Cag,” commented Love. “In our test trials, The Cag has also been well received by outdoor-minded beer lovers. They love to ‘Cag it in, Cag it out’ when enjoying beer in the backcountry.”

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