Valspar introduces non-BPA can coatings

The Valspar Corporation’s Packaging division has introduced valPure V70, the first non-BPA series of can coatings that match the performance benefits of BPA-based coatings.

valPure V70 is a breakthrough in epoxy technology for light metal packaging for food and beverage manufacturers looking for industry-standard performance from a non-BPA solution.

Epoxy coatings are one of the most widely used technologies in the coatings industry with a strong record of performance, manufacturability and food safety. This coating series meets the industry’s increasing need for high performance options in light metal packaging while addressing consumers’ growing preference for non-BPA coatings for food and beverage packaging. For producers of food and beverages sold in light metal packaging and the can makers who supply the packaging, valPure V70 delivers the performance, corrosion protection and flavor protection required to preserve food integrity and safety.

“Our customers and the brands they supply told us they want options,” said Flavio Marchi, global marketing director at Valspar Packaging. “We challenged ourselves to develop an alternative epoxy coating that did not contain BPA as an ingredient but performed just as well. As part of our valPure line of non-BPA coatings, it helps us deliver a broad range of solutions that meet performance expectations.”

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