Aluminum cans enhance consumer experience

Aluminum cans play an important role in enhancing consumer drinking experience, according to a new research report released by Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI).

The report, which looked at the science behind taste and the consumer sensory experience, found that multiple sensory cues, including the sound of a can opening, the 360-degree graphic capabilities, the unique re-sealable qualities and cans’ versatility impact and enhance the consumer beverage drinking experience.

Grant Prentice, director of strategic insights at FoodMinds who carried out the study, said: “Whether its reinforcing the subtle but important sensory qualities of a drink, or protecting the complex taste chemistry of a craft beverage, cans play a prominent role in contributing to drinkers’ experiences with their favorite beverages. “

Robert Budway, president at CMI, added: “This research reinforces that the can is the premier package to provide the best beverage experience for consumers. Choosing the aluminum can is the perfect vehicle to impact beverage sales.”

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  1. that’s right! And the digital decoration technology will give a large contribution to enhance the consumer drinking experience, by photo realistic decoration, variable data and augmented reality contents on the cans

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