Crown launches Peelfit can

Crown has launched a proprietary metal can, Peelfit designed specifically for the dry food market to address demands for greater convenience, light weighting and product protection.

Peelfit is manufactured in the United Kingdom and is currently available in a 99mm diameter format. Fully printable, the can utilises revolutionary Direct Heat Sealing Technology (DHS) to seal a peelable foil directly to a collapsed bead within the can body. Customers then simply need to fill product through the base of the can and seam on a non-easy-open end without having to make changes to the filling line.

The design offers a number of sustainability benefits, including eliminating the rigid steel ring typically required in double seaming applications makes it 16% lighter than cans using conventional foil seam closures. In addition, DHS Technology reduces energy use by 32% when compared to other existing foil seam closures.

For added functionality, Peelfit plus enables the foil to be placed at a lower point along the can wall, creating a chamber between the foil and the container cap that can vary in size based on the position of the bead. This chamber is ideal for holding scoops, dosing devices or promotional materials. A large flip-top lid improves convenience, enabling consumers to store scoops and reseal the container after use, reducing product waste.

Olivier Aubry, business development and marketing director at Crown, said: “Peelfit is the result of extensive development work by Crown’s talented designers and engineers. Using technology to reduce the amount of metal used in Crown’s food containers while maintaining performance and functionality is a significant element of the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

“We look forward to bringing Peelfit to market during the fourth quarter of 2016 with a major international food company.”

The new cans are available in various heights. Brand owners are also able to leverage a number of decoration and finish options, including matte, gloss and soft touch, as well as holographic and metallic inks, giving packages a premium look and feel.

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