Beavertown brewery chooses Ardagh

For the launch of its new Lupuloid IPA, London based Beavertown Brewery has partnered with Ardagh Group for the debut of its signature new pale ale. Tapping into the signature colourway of the on-can graphics, a bright pink shell and a striking green tab will complement the package.

“With new beers entering the craft beer market every day, there’s an ideal opportunity to customise the packaging to give a product a unique edge,” said John Reed, manager of product application at Ardagh. “In integrating this signature coloured shell and tab into the design, the Lupuloid IPA can offers consumers a 360-degree brand experience.”

Given the can is an optimal container with which to protect the sensitive ingredients of this new hop heavy treat from the threat of light and oxygen, Beavertown chose Ardagh’s 33cl standard can to package this new offering.

“The primary thought behind this behemoth of a beer is that for too long our American cousins have claimed the crown of superior IPAs. It’s time to bring it back,” explained Beavertown owner Logan Plant. “Four years had been devoted to the development of this new 6.7% ABV India Pale Ale, and so the next logical step was for the brand to dig a little deeper into Ardagh’s broad product portfolio and add a bit of extra value to their packaging.

“By incorporating the pink shell and the green tab into the design, the Lupuloid can is now Beavertown — all over.”

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