Apeal video highlights importance of steel

The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (Apeal) has launched a new video animation highlighting the unique benefits of steel as the ideal packaging material for a circular economy.

The animation forms part of its overall aim to increase understanding of how the inherent properties of steel already meet the requirements of a circular economy.

“The ongoing debate on the circular economy package marks an exciting time for change in waste and recycling in Europe. The aims of the package are truly in line with the benefits of steel for packaging,” said Apeal president, Stéphane Tondo.

Recent figures confirm how the recycling of steel packaging in Europe has reached an all time high of 76%.

Unique magnetic properties make it easy and economical to separate steel packaging from other waste during recycling processes because steel scrap is a part of the production process for new steel, every single steel plant in Europe is also a recycling plant. And as a permanent material, steel can also be recycled forever without loss of quality.

In addition, portion sizes, ambient storage and a long shelf life contribute to reducing food waste.

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