The can remains a favourite with young people

Research carried out by GfK and commissioned by BCME reflects a positive upward trend in popularity for the can, particularly with younger age groups.

Today cans are seen as delivering a good tasting product in an easy to drink, recyclable pack offering good value for money; 71% of people say that canned drinks taste good, a 16% increase since the research was first conducted in 2007.

Cans are now increasingly being recognised for their great design. In 2007 just 16% of people agreed that cans looked good, that figure has now increased to 44%. Furthermore, consumers increasingly feel that the can is good value for money; 64% would say this is true in 2016 compared to 35% in 2007.

Martin Constable, chairman of the Can Makers, said: “The growth of the canned craft beer movement in recent years has played an important role in changing the general perception of the can’s aesthetics. Bold, innovative designs are helping craft beer brands form, and cement an image of the can as a premium pack. As a result of this, we might now expect adult soft drinks in a can to follow a similar design path.”

Respondents answered questions about the environmental attributes of drinks packages alongside their own general attitudes towards recycling. In 2007, the UK was supportive of recycling with 77% saying that they at least try to recycle most things, but now in 2016, this figure has increased to a further 89%.

Constable added: “This research tells us a very positive story for the drinks can, a product that has been in production for more than 80% years but which continues to grow in popularity to this day. The results are important for drink brands and can be used to benefit marketing strategies, identifying which demographic groups to target in order to drive growth.”

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