Metpack machine highlight from Sprimag

One of our highlights at Metpack from Sprimag this year is the HIL-56 aerosol can internal coating machine from the new Sprimag Ecompact series.

Ecompact represents the development of a cost, space and energy-optimised coating concept for tubes (HIL-46) and aerosol cans (HIL-56). Thanks to the modular and standardisation strategy, the manufacturing costs can be reduced significantly. Besides the fundamental basic data such as system speed (=170 tpm/cpm, 1-row asset transfer), the product management team also prescribed strict cost reductions; standard assemblies should be used and an identical system platform should be created for the internal coating of tubes and aerosol cans.

Another important stipulation is that it can be used as an exchange system in existing, but mostly compact, older production facilities. As part of a FMEA analysis, all assembly groups were highlighted, and in addition to the core goal of forward-looking error prevention, cost aspects were also included. Both machines, HIL-46 and HIL-56, are enhanced equally by cost, space and energy-optimised system components, such as annealing furnaces and internal coating dryers. The use of proven Sprimag application components, which are identical to high-end machines such as HIL-94, guarantees a high-quality coating.

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