Strategic partnership for metal decorating inks

Sun Chemical and KBA-MetalPrint have announced their global partnership for metal decorating inks. The collaboration relates to the three-piece can segment.

Sun Chemical is a member of the DIC Group and one of the world’s leading producers of printing inks. KBA-MetalPrint is a member of the Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA).

The partnership will involve the inclusion of inks from Sun Chemical into the starter kits supplied with MetalStar 3 and Mailänder 280 metal decorating presses. Sun Chemical and KBA-MetalPrint have recognised that there is demand for process technology support among users who have purchased a new, high-tech printing press and are now setting out to utilise their expanded production capacities. They will be working on further optimisation of the customer’s installations from both the technical and application-related perspectives.

The strategic partnership also covers joint marketing activities in connection with trade fairs and customer events, such as the KBA-MetalPrint Symposiums with subsequent presentation of a new six-colour UV MetalStar 3, which were held at metal packaging specialist Pirlo in Kufstein, Austria between 5-10 May 2017.

Both sides expect to draw great benefit from the partnership and are convinced that it will also generate professional added value for the customer. The declared goal is to be able to offer the customer even better service on the market.

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