Global aluminium associations release joint statement before Section 232 investigation hearing

The US Department of Commerce will hold a hearing on the Section 232 investigation on the impact of aluminium imports on US national security.

In response to this, the Aluminum Association (AA), the Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC) and European Aluminium have published a joint statement in which they outline three main points:

Firstly, the associations state that global market imbalances are caused by the excess capacity in China. They go on to say that overcapacity encourages unfair trading practices and displacement of domestic production which distorts international trade flows.

Secondly, they clarify that there is no unfair competition between the three regions that disadvantages one country over another. They maintain that the aluminium industries are instead interlinked via a supply chain that strengthens national security in the US via its longstanding allies in Canada and Europe.

Lastly, they mention that a stable trading environment is vital to aluminium producers along the entire value chain.

The associations conclude their statement by stating that with the right monitoring tools, a negotiated solution to this global challenge could benefit all aluminium producers and consumers worldwide.

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