La Colombe and Crown launch MiniVault beverage can

Following the launch of the Draft Latte, a crafted coffee drink using Crown’s InnoValve technology, La Colombe Coffee Roasters and Crown Beverage Packaging North America have partnered again to announce the launch of the MiniVault: a pre-portioned single-use can, containing ground coffee.

The MiniVault combines Crown’s 150ml (5.1oz) slim style beverage can with a custom 360 End and is filled with La Colombe’s premium Corsica coffee. The end is fully removable, enabling users to pour the ground coffee into a filter or device for brewing.

The MiniVault will be available for sale in select La Colombe retail locations across the United States and on the company’s website beginning this summer.

Ron Skotleski, director of marketing, North America, Crown Beverage Packaging, said: “La Colombe recognises the value that a differentiating package can bring to its brand. We were able to help La Colombe offer an engaging new way for people to consume its products, and at the same time, support the brand’s mission of making artisanal café, quality coffee, available to everyone.”

The 360 End also features a grind guard, or a thin plate of flexible aluminium, which acts as a food-safe protector and prevents coffee grounds from spilling upon removal of the end. In addition, the MiniVault is 100% recyclable.

The MiniVault cans are wrapped in shrink sleeves and are sold in 8-count boxes.

“The MiniVault is a testament to Crown’s commitment to push the envelope when it comes to bringing our customers’ ideas to life – and to market,” added Skotleski. “We leveraged the technical expertise and innovation capabilities of Crown’s global team to deliver every aspect of this package, including the speciality can size and the custom, smaller diameter 360 End.”

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