Litalsa assures print production with AVT inspection systems

Lithography and varnishing company Litalsa has relied on AVT inspection equipment for its various printing lines since 2013. So far, the Spanish operation has invested in four AVT Titan solutions. A fifth, and its second this year, will be installed shortly.

Jesús Ubierna, deputy general manager of Litalsa, commented: “We have worked with AVT for many years. During that time, they have adapted their systems to our needs, which have been growing as we have increased our printing or varnishing lines.

“With our five Titan AVT systems we will have practically all the production covered. In fact, we have just installed one on KBA printing equipment and another one will be installed on a sorting machine soon. If more lines arrive we will not hesitate to work with to AVT.”

Titan is a system specially designed for metalgraphic companies that provides 100% defect inspection to better control the printing process, reduce waste and increase quality. The platform ensures the detection and traceability of all metal prints, while all major defects in print production are detected and tracked during the production stages. Its flexible design supports any type of decorated metal sheets and any type of application.

Pere Guitart, sales manager Spain, Portugal & Sweden AVT, explains that all inspection systems installed in Litalsa are connected to other AVT-supplied solutions such as PrintFlow manager that provides full access to reports and statistics; PrintFlow Central, an automatic archiving solution that ensures that the database of all the drives is saved and Offline Setup that allows the configuration of the AVT inspection systems installed in the presses based on the PDF of the job.

Ubierna notes that the AVT inspection equipment is fundamental to Litalsa, “Thanks to these systems, there are fewer nonconformities, less customer complaints, less waste, superior and regular quality. This allows us to retain customer loyalty, since the more controlled the production, the more security we can offer. In addition, they have the advantage that their installation is simple, fast, and maintenance is scarce.”

Guitart concludes that now that the purchase of AVT by the Danaher group has taken place within the called Product Identification Platform (PID), which also includes companies like Esko, X-Rite Pantone, Laetus and Videojet, it will be much simpler to take advantage of the synergies generated among all these companies for the benefit of AVT, Esko, X-Rite Pantone and other Danaher PID companies.

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